Joey Atlas Review – Intelligent Fibers

Conductive materially – Solace:
There are two strategies for creating electrically and thermally conductive products and two types of materials, metals and polymers. The same materials are used for both conductivity types.

Both are similar and are caused by the movement of electrons, ions and molecules.

Joey Atlas – The first strategy uses coating liquid colorants (inks) and a high content of metals, which provide the comfort required for clothing.

With the addition of copper, silver and carbon into the surface layers of fabrics of different thickness, the textile surface finish suitable physical and electrical properties, which is required for the applications.

The second strategy uses conductive fibers and yarns. Conductive yarns are produced by adding metal fibers (silver, copper and carbon), this strategy is used in products Solucel.

Therefore, they are lightweight, durable and flexible due to the functionality of e individual benefits of the products Solucel also affordable.

Applications in smart textiles Solucel:
Two of the main uses of conductive materials is electromagnetic shielding and conduction current and are listed below.
Conductive fibers wrapped in covers or inserts as an excellent shielding elements electromagnetic radiation and interference, have antistatic properties and these additional benefits: Electrically conductive materials are thermally conductive and use more metal than polymers. They are used for sports suits with the device and require a minimum thermal insulation with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas Review.


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